Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bathroom drawers

And the drawers are happening!

Cut the sides to length while Mom's senior companion was here.

All three drawers cut out and ready to be put together

This is where the drawers will go.  There will be a platform on top of this and the tub will go on top of the platform.

So here are the drawers almost finished. Just need to cut the front of the middle drawer so it fits between the two sides.  The middle drawer is shorter because the tub drain will go in that space.  Also debating if I want to drill holes to open the drawers or use drawer pulls... I'd do seashells but the slides have a pretty stiff stop, so they require a little more umph to get them open.  Don't think shells would last very long. I'll have to see if they loosen up a bit after being opened and closed a bit.

In place...still need a little adjustment, but they fit!

With the tub platform. Not ready for permanent installation yet, but this is what the tub will sit on. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Inside window trim

I've been working in the big house on more tiny house pieces.  The piece currently at the top of the list is the drawers that will live under the bathtub.  I have the drawer slides in place, so now I get to build the drawers.  The dilemma was I planned to use the leftover 1x3 pieces from the window trim for the drawers and I hadn't finished the window trim yet, so that rose to the top of the list really quickly.  Got the trim for the three big windows cut and put in. More dilemmas about the windows, but that is another post. 

In the beginning...

The bottom sill for one window...

Three sides...

Second living room window finished

Bathroom window finished 

Now to get the drawers going...