Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kitchen and trim

The daylight showed that the paint needed another coat and now that is all finished!  Also, I changed my mind about the baseboard trim.  So now the baseboard trim is the same as the trim around the door.  I like it much better.  I also learned that I probably need a lesson in measuring trim. 

Door trim...

Trim for the corners of the walls...

I only did the trim for the living room/kitchen. I still need to finish the kitchen window trim...only had enough for two sides. I'm also going to put trim on the built-in shelves next to the sink, so I have a bit more trim to buy and put up. 

And on to the tile on the port side! I'm so happy with the tile in the kitchen!! Still need to grout it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Port wall finished and painted!

Last two rows are finished!  In the kitchen...

...and over the storage loft.

I got so excited that I put up the trim on the storage loft too.

Next came the paint in the kitchen.  Before I make the last propane connection to the cooktop, I needed to paint behind the cabinets.  The weather is turning cold and wet again this weekend, so I wanted to finish the paint before that, but I was worried that it would be too cold.  So back to the heat dilemma.  I ended up putting the panel heater on an extension cord and mounting it on some blocks to get it off the floor.  I was a little worried after a couple of hours that it didn't seem any warmer.  I knew that it would take a while because the heater doesn't blow air, it works by convection.  When I went out this afternoon it was at least as warm as outside, unlike yesterday when it was colder inside than outside.  At least I know the insulation works.  Then when I went out tonight after Mom went to bed to paint the second coat, it was nice and cozy.  So, YAY! For the panel heater!

First coat...

...and finished with painting in the kitchen!  Actually, I need to look at it in the daylight to see if it needs another coat, but either way it is almost there!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Port wall covering

Wow, wow, wow!!  Port wall covering is coming along nicely despite the unseasonably cold weather this week. Hoping to finish the covering tomorrow, and get the kitchen section painted by the end of the week. Then I can put the cabinets back in place and connect the propane to the cooktop. Guess it is time to get the appropriate regulator and tank so I can do a bit of cooking. :)

So here is the progress on the wall. 

First two rows

Up to the windows after re doing the left end once. 

Kitchen minus the last two rows. 

Storage loft end minus the last two rows. 

So excited I can hardly stand it. Thinking that I'll really need some heat out there if I'm actually going to paint. So I'm back to that question again. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Propane plumbing is in!!

Two hours and Craig had the propane plumbing finished!  He'll come back when the wall is finished and hook up the cooktop. The relief that this is done is quite amazing!  I can move forward now with the rest of the interior!  Which also means that the remainder of the finishing is up to me. WOW!  Get ready for the wall covering. I'm in a little bit of shock, I think, and I'm also so very excited!  


Water heater

The wall...just waiting to be finished!

Didn't end up doing anything about heating. Thought about putting the flat panel heater that I got for the TV room out there, but by the time I got to doing anything about it, there wouldn't have been enough time for it to make much of a difference.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The plumber is coming! The plumber is coming!

Today is the day I've been waiting for!  Last week a friend of a friend, Craig, came over and gave me a quote for the propane plumbing, and today he is coming to get started (and I hope finished).  It is supposed to be quite cold today, so I've been plotting ways to warm up the bungalow without buying a space heater.  There have been so many small tea light heaters circulating youtube that I might actualy resort to trying one. We have a million and a half tea lights in our candle stash. So stay tuned for that news.  

And the utility box is finished. (Except for the drip edge)
Doors are attached...

Think I'll paint the latches blue so they blend in.