Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Port wall finished and painted!

Last two rows are finished!  In the kitchen...

...and over the storage loft.

I got so excited that I put up the trim on the storage loft too.

Next came the paint in the kitchen.  Before I make the last propane connection to the cooktop, I needed to paint behind the cabinets.  The weather is turning cold and wet again this weekend, so I wanted to finish the paint before that, but I was worried that it would be too cold.  So back to the heat dilemma.  I ended up putting the panel heater on an extension cord and mounting it on some blocks to get it off the floor.  I was a little worried after a couple of hours that it didn't seem any warmer.  I knew that it would take a while because the heater doesn't blow air, it works by convection.  When I went out this afternoon it was at least as warm as outside, unlike yesterday when it was colder inside than outside.  At least I know the insulation works.  Then when I went out tonight after Mom went to bed to paint the second coat, it was nice and cozy.  So, YAY! For the panel heater!

First coat...

...and finished with painting in the kitchen!  Actually, I need to look at it in the daylight to see if it needs another coat, but either way it is almost there!

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