Saturday, August 31, 2013

I LOVE power tools!

Have I mentioned that I love power tools?  

I felt the need to get moving on the planing of my redwood this morning, so I got out the planer and read the booklet...never used a planer before.  Then I took a deep breath, put on my safety googles, ear plugs, and sunscreen and went outside to begin the project.  After a little trial and more trial, I realized that saw horses are a necessary item to save my back.  But before I decided to give up for the day I got through four of the 14' 2x4's.  I've got a before picture, but since I'm not finished yet I'll wait to post the after pics.  The boards are turning out beautifully!  There is still a little paint on corners and a little bit that needs to be scraped off, but the color of the wood is fantastic!  Can't wait to do a little cleaning and brightening.  Still haven't decided what to use for a sealant/preserver, but that will come.  

I sure love my little planer (even though the dust bag is worthless).  I may need to find a job that I can do using power tools...I love them that much!  

PS. Went and bought saw horses tonight so I can finish the planing tomorrow and not be in desperate need of a massage when I'm finished.  Oh wait, I'm always in desperate need of a massage.  :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just waiting for the trailer

Today I spent some money!!  But I'm now closer to being ready to begin!  I think if I get a staple gun and a very large tarp I'll be all set.  Today started out with the purchase of insulation.  Then it ended with a lumber and screws pick up.  I also bought two of the five windows because they were only available online and they will be delivered to the house for free. :) But it will take a couple of weeks.  The Jeep is getting a workout.  The pictures are kind of funny to me so I'll post them in case  you think they are funny too.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well, I DID IT!!  I bought my trailer this morning...or at least I ordered it and paid for it.  Big Bubba's Trailers in Ogden is building me a trailer.  It should be ready in a week, then I will need to get started in earnest.  I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Do something every day that scares you."  Well, I've just done something today that scared me enough for a whole week at least.  On the other hand it is a very exciting step toward my dream of tiny house living and I am more excited than I know how to express! When I pick it up next week I'll post some pics.  In the meanwhile, I need to get a few more things so I can begin right away when I pick up the plane the redwood and buy insulation for the floor and a bit more lumber.  WOW!  It is really happening.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tools, tools, tools!

Power tools, oh how I love power tools.  Some girls get excited about clothes, shoes, jewelry, haircuts.  For me it is power tools.  I found some inexpensive tools that should just do the trick for my tiny house.  I ordered online (I could have gone over to the store) and purchased a compound miter saw, a planer and two drill drivers (one for drilling, one for driving without changing bits).  They arrived today!  Can't wait to play with my new planer!  The redwood 2x4s I got really cheap had been painted white, but the paint is now chipping and gross looking.  Can't wait to get those pieces back down to the wood and put a sealer on them.  Those are going to be my Ticklebelly Bungalow porch.  Get set for some photos to come.  Hoping to get to the planing project this weekend. ^^

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Floor and inside walls are here!

Monday 8/19/13 was a busy day, but the most exciting thing for me was picking up the flooring that will serve as my floor and also the wall and ceiling covering for Ticklebelly Bungalow.  Things are starting to stack up around the house so I put my thermosoft floor pads and Eco Foil upstairs in the attic.  Next week I get to order my trailer.  I can hardly contain my excitement!  Now I just wish my Master's project was moving forward like Ticklebelly Bungalow is moving forward.  Here's the pile of flooring that is now stacked in my bedroom.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Here we GO!

It has begun!  Yes, the building of my tiny house has started.  This past couple of weeks have been very exciting for me.  I bought tiny house plans in 2008 and attended a building workshop that summer in Seattle with the intention of beginning my build that fall in Anchorage, AK.  I had gotten permission from my landlord to use the empty lot next to my rental house for the project and was searching for a trailer, then life took a turn and I was needed in Utah to care for my ailing mother. 

Here it is five years later and just getting started again.  My mother is doing well, relatively speaking, and we bought a little house, about 1000 square feet about a year ago in the city.  I'm not really a city kid, so it hasn't been easy to adjust, but I'm thankful to be close to everything, doctor, grocery store, school, etc.     

I decided it was time to revisit my tiny house plan and begin again.  So last week I went over to the trailer store to price a trailer and I'll go back next week to order my trailer.  In the meantime, I've purchased a few things.  I got some redwood 2x4's really cheap as well as some other lumber (also really cheap).  That is when I really started getting excited.  I found some tools that were very inexpensive, so now I have all the tools I need.  My double bubble foil came the other day and my flooring (that I'm also using for the inside walls and ceiling has arrived and I'll pick that up next week.

I also decided on a name for my little house.  Ticklebelly Bungalow.