Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back to the Bungalow...finally!

The weather has been so nice the last little while and I've been stuck inside working on my master's project final paper.  My defense meeting was a success and I have changes to make, but I couldn't help myself today. Had to get out and pound a few nails. I put the siding on the tongue side which makes it actually start to look like a house from the driveway.  I also put the supports in the gable end on that side and squared the rafters so I can put the sheathing on the roof on that end.  I need to do the same for the other end and then I can finish up the roof.  Wahooo!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I just finished a marvelously crafted post and when I went to add pics, the post had disappeared into cyberspace!  So just know this second attempt is not going to be quite as witty. Sorry.

Today I got a few pieces of sheathing on the roof.  I had been puzzling about how I could wield a 4x8 piece of plywood while standing on a ladder and had come up with a couple of solutions, but wasn't pleased with any of the options I had invented.  So today I decided that I was simply making it too complicated and cut the 4x8's into 4x4's.  Much easier to handle and hold in place with one hand while drilling/attaching with the other.  I'm feeling quite accomplished with getting the rafters finished and the bigger part of the roof on. Still have more to do, but at least when it snows tomorrow and Saturday I won't be worrying so much about leaking tarps.  Can't wait for next week's warmer temps so I can paint the trim and get the roof finished properly.  I still have a bit of adjusting to do.  Here are some pics of my today's accomplishments.


Port side roof

Starboard side roof

Both sides of the roof

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ridge beam and a few rafters!

Well, today was a big day!  Got the ridge beam in and realized it wasn't completely straight.  Simple fix to cut a few rafters so they would press it into straightness.  Got a few rafters on as well after ruining one trying to make a template.  I decided it was easier to measure each one and go from there.  Tomorrow will also be a big day as I'm hoping to finish the rafters and maybe get a couple of roof panels on.  I'm really tired of worrying about the inside of TB getting wet so a couple of roof panels will be a very welcome addition.  So here are a couple of pics from today.

Ridge beam!!

A few rafters together with the moon.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Snow on the Bungalow!

I do really like snow, I was just hoping to have more of the roof finished before I had to worry about it.  Of course, five hours later and now the snow is gone and the sun is shining.  I have to admit that I was glad to get up at 5:30 this morning and fix the tarps (yes, there are two).  OK, that's a fib.  But I was glad I did because no snow got inside and only one spot was leaking slightly when I checked it a bit ago.  Stayed mostly dry.  Wahoo!  By the next storm I will at least have the rafters up.  I think we're in for another chance of rain later this week.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gable ends and so does daylight savings

So...tomorrow it is supposed to snow.  The goal has been to have the house dried in before it snows.  Well, not going to make it.  I did get the gable ends in today, although they aren't quite finished, just need a little more support added.  Then I began measuring the ridge pole that I bought this morning.  I had a feeling I should have cut it this afternoon which would have meant measuring it.  It was a 16 footer not a 20 footer!  I'm positive I got it from the 20' rack.  But I admit it did seem a bit short when I put it in the Jeep.  The Jeep is 13' and it didn't seem to stick out far enough in the back.

Anyway, the gable ends really taxed my brain and my patience, but they are now sitting on the house.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Two walls have siding!

I had originally planned to get started really early on the siding for the opposite wall, but alas not to be. Of course I got sidetracked a out the chipper and played with it for a little while, turning the pile of brush into a small bag of compostable stuff.  Love my chipper, and that's only the first pile.  

Anyway, didn't start the siding until after quickly stopping for nails and a drill bit, breakfast, Mom's aide, and running out to get tickets for my niece Abbie's dance concert in December, and lunch.  BUT I still got four pieces of siding on and finished. Have just four inches on the end to go.  My goal for Saturday...maybe the last really warm fall to finish the gable ends and get the ridge beam in so that the snow that is supposed to be here on Sunday will sheet off the tarp like it is supposed to and not soak the inside again and make me cry.  I finished the siding just before it was too dark to see, so I don't have a finished pic, but I'll post one tomorrow.

One piece of siding...

Two pieces of siding...

Three pieces of siding