Thursday, November 14, 2013


I just finished a marvelously crafted post and when I went to add pics, the post had disappeared into cyberspace!  So just know this second attempt is not going to be quite as witty. Sorry.

Today I got a few pieces of sheathing on the roof.  I had been puzzling about how I could wield a 4x8 piece of plywood while standing on a ladder and had come up with a couple of solutions, but wasn't pleased with any of the options I had invented.  So today I decided that I was simply making it too complicated and cut the 4x8's into 4x4's.  Much easier to handle and hold in place with one hand while drilling/attaching with the other.  I'm feeling quite accomplished with getting the rafters finished and the bigger part of the roof on. Still have more to do, but at least when it snows tomorrow and Saturday I won't be worrying so much about leaking tarps.  Can't wait for next week's warmer temps so I can paint the trim and get the roof finished properly.  I still have a bit of adjusting to do.  Here are some pics of my today's accomplishments.


Port side roof

Starboard side roof

Both sides of the roof

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