Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to Little Chicken

In preparation for a little road trip to Goldendale, WA for a birthday camping party, I thought I'd do a little work on the galley of Little Chicken. I bought a stair runner that was just the right width and a couple of inches too long to use for the shelf. 

Then I prepared the shelf supports. 

Did a bit of priming.  

Then a bit of painting, and attached the shelf supports. 

In went the shelf. 

And then a bit of trim and the wall piece to separate the galley from the sleeping area.
The wall piece is a piece of flooring that fit perfectly width wise so I only cut the length by a couple of inches. I also used a couple of small blocks to hold it in so that I can open that up for ventilation. So now I have a little shelf up there too. 

So I ended up not going anywhere this weekend. My poor little Nellie was sporting a swollen eye on Wednesday night so I figured I'd better watch it. She got a bit of Benadryl because she's fond of eating stinging insects. Thursday morning it looked better, but Thursday afternoon, more swelling. 
More Benadryl for this little lady. 

Friday morning and it looks better, but still is a little bit swollen. So decided to stay home.  I also had an online job interview this morning, so we'll see how that went. 

Glad to have made some progress on LC, but sad to have missed the party. 😕