Friday, November 1, 2013

Two walls have siding!

I had originally planned to get started really early on the siding for the opposite wall, but alas not to be. Of course I got sidetracked a out the chipper and played with it for a little while, turning the pile of brush into a small bag of compostable stuff.  Love my chipper, and that's only the first pile.  

Anyway, didn't start the siding until after quickly stopping for nails and a drill bit, breakfast, Mom's aide, and running out to get tickets for my niece Abbie's dance concert in December, and lunch.  BUT I still got four pieces of siding on and finished. Have just four inches on the end to go.  My goal for Saturday...maybe the last really warm fall to finish the gable ends and get the ridge beam in so that the snow that is supposed to be here on Sunday will sheet off the tarp like it is supposed to and not soak the inside again and make me cry.  I finished the siding just before it was too dark to see, so I don't have a finished pic, but I'll post one tomorrow.

One piece of siding...

Two pieces of siding...

Three pieces of siding

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