Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tools, tools, tools!

Power tools, oh how I love power tools.  Some girls get excited about clothes, shoes, jewelry, haircuts.  For me it is power tools.  I found some inexpensive tools that should just do the trick for my tiny house.  I ordered online (I could have gone over to the store) and purchased a compound miter saw, a planer and two drill drivers (one for drilling, one for driving without changing bits).  They arrived today!  Can't wait to play with my new planer!  The redwood 2x4s I got really cheap had been painted white, but the paint is now chipping and gross looking.  Can't wait to get those pieces back down to the wood and put a sealer on them.  Those are going to be my Ticklebelly Bungalow porch.  Get set for some photos to come.  Hoping to get to the planing project this weekend. ^^

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