Saturday, August 17, 2013

Here we GO!

It has begun!  Yes, the building of my tiny house has started.  This past couple of weeks have been very exciting for me.  I bought tiny house plans in 2008 and attended a building workshop that summer in Seattle with the intention of beginning my build that fall in Anchorage, AK.  I had gotten permission from my landlord to use the empty lot next to my rental house for the project and was searching for a trailer, then life took a turn and I was needed in Utah to care for my ailing mother. 

Here it is five years later and just getting started again.  My mother is doing well, relatively speaking, and we bought a little house, about 1000 square feet about a year ago in the city.  I'm not really a city kid, so it hasn't been easy to adjust, but I'm thankful to be close to everything, doctor, grocery store, school, etc.     

I decided it was time to revisit my tiny house plan and begin again.  So last week I went over to the trailer store to price a trailer and I'll go back next week to order my trailer.  In the meantime, I've purchased a few things.  I got some redwood 2x4's really cheap as well as some other lumber (also really cheap).  That is when I really started getting excited.  I found some tools that were very inexpensive, so now I have all the tools I need.  My double bubble foil came the other day and my flooring (that I'm also using for the inside walls and ceiling has arrived and I'll pick that up next week.

I also decided on a name for my little house.  Ticklebelly Bungalow.     


  1. I had to go back to the beginning to see where this all started for you. FUN!
    I've been looking at tiny houses for years and have started to get a bit more serious about building one. But, I think I need to wait a couple more years still. It's fun to collect ideas and to follow your blogs.

  2. Thanks Marie, glad you are enjoying the blog! I like to sometimes go back to the beginning and remind myself how far I've come. It is the adventure that begins a larger adventure.

  3. Can *I* do this? Never touched a power tool in my life!

  4. Hi dental257, There is no reason you can't. I would suggest borrowing a power tool or two and practicing a little. Be sure to use safety glasses and ear plugs. If you are willing to research and learn, with a bit determination, you can. I realize I know nothing about you or your situation, but determination is an amazing thing. I say...GO FOR IT!