Saturday, August 31, 2013

I LOVE power tools!

Have I mentioned that I love power tools?  

I felt the need to get moving on the planing of my redwood this morning, so I got out the planer and read the booklet...never used a planer before.  Then I took a deep breath, put on my safety googles, ear plugs, and sunscreen and went outside to begin the project.  After a little trial and more trial, I realized that saw horses are a necessary item to save my back.  But before I decided to give up for the day I got through four of the 14' 2x4's.  I've got a before picture, but since I'm not finished yet I'll wait to post the after pics.  The boards are turning out beautifully!  There is still a little paint on corners and a little bit that needs to be scraped off, but the color of the wood is fantastic!  Can't wait to do a little cleaning and brightening.  Still haven't decided what to use for a sealant/preserver, but that will come.  

I sure love my little planer (even though the dust bag is worthless).  I may need to find a job that I can do using power tools...I love them that much!  

PS. Went and bought saw horses tonight so I can finish the planing tomorrow and not be in desperate need of a massage when I'm finished.  Oh wait, I'm always in desperate need of a massage.  :)

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