Sunday, September 1, 2013

Side note

The coolest firepit EVER is now taking shape in my very own backyard!  So sad to have to leave it when I move into Ticklebelly Bungalow, but if I built it once I can do it again.

ANYWAY, when we bought the house there was an old firepit about 15 feet off the patio.  It was half buried by the grass/weeds but I was intrigued.  Would the city allow us to have a firepit?  Well, after a little checking around, turns out that we are allowed a firepit as long as we have a permit and follow the guidelines.  So I purchased the $10 permit and started looking around the internet for firepit ideas.  Of course there are a gazillion pictures out there of amazing outdoor living spaces.  But one picture I saw fascinated me and it wasn't related to firepits at all!  It was a driveway with embedded glowrocks.  So very cool!  So, that put into my head that I needed a firepit with glowrocks.  Well, I started designing and this is what I came up's the almost finished version. Didn't quite guesstimate correctly on the rocks. I'll pick up a couple more bags tomorrow. Then there will be a surprise as soon as it arrives. I'll update the post when it does. 

Above: unfinished...
Above: finished and I wet the rocks because it looks better

So the fun thing that I wanted to add is the glowrocks, but because of the lighting my phone won't take a picture that is actually visible.  But it looks really cool with the glowrocks glowing at night. Love it!!

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