Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trailer has come home!

The trailer is home!  Went and picked it up from Big Bubba's Trailers.  Had it custom made, so it is exactly what I needed and at the price I wanted to pay.  SOOOOO happy with it and so very excited to get started actually building.  Also went and picked up lumber, siding, plywood, metal roof panels and a few odds and ends.  Figure that while I had the trailer hitched up to the Jeep might as well.  I'm sure I was pushing my weight limit towing with the Jeep but it all worked out just fine.  Got home and unloaded everything, got the tarp on, and the rain started.  Perfect timing.  Silly me moment...I went out after Mom went to bed and bonded with the trailer for a few minutes.  Today was a really good day.  Everything went how I wanted it to go and although I didn't get to everything on the list I feel very grateful to have everything I need to start my build.  Let the adventure truly begin!
 I was a little nervous about getting it through the gate because we have watermelon growing across the driveway (when I planted it on the side of the drive I didn't think it would grow).  It was a little bit of a tight squeeze, but made it just fine.  Unloaded and circled through the yard to get it positioned where I want it for building.  Worked like a charm.  Best day so far!!


  1. I am so interested in your Tiny Hse...
    Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see the trailer's specs anywhere. You wrote: "Had it custom made, so it is exactly what I needed and at the price I wanted to pay." Could I trouble you for how it was that the trailer needed to be? ... and its size -- its dimensions and the finished dimensions of the house. I've not seen that anywhere either. I want to build my own tiny house, and it seems that that is the most basic info to start with.
    Congratulations and KUDOS on your accomplishment!!!
    Take care.
    ~ Nanette Francis.

  2. Hi Nanette,
    Thank you! The trailer is 18' long by 7' (between the wheel wells). The max overall width of the house can only be 102" if you want to go down the road without a special permit. Mine comes in at 102" when the roof overhang is considered. The outside length of the house is 19'. The porch is 2'6" and hangs off the back of the trailer by 6". The trailer is rated for 10,000 lbs and has a braking system as required for the weight of the trailer. I had the manufacturer leave out half of the trailer deck to save on weight, but still have support. In 2013 it cost about $3500. The other size consideration is that the max height of the house can only be 13'6" in most states for bridge clearance. Hope that helps!