Friday, September 20, 2013

Measure, measure, cut, put together! (or a whole lot of screwing going on)

So today I began the actual construction part of this loveliness called Ticklebelly Bungalow.  Enough of the spending money, let's DO something.  Not to mention that I submitted another "final draft" of my proposal for my committee chair to read and I was feeling like I needed a break from academia...back to that on Sunday when the weather turns stormy here.  I actually started the aluminum flashing yesterday, but wanted to post a finished pic.  Then on to the measuring, measuring, cutting, putting together part of the job. 

So spent some time leveling the trailer and putting jack stands under it.  Not much to do it was nearly level to begin with...who'd a thought my yard was actually level?


Then rolled out the flashing...rule #347 Always wear gloves when working with metal matter what.  Even if you're just unrolling a little.  Had to get out the superglue to glue my finger back together, but it is fine with a bandaid now...hope the bandaid doesn't stick to the superglue that could be bad.


So here is what I got finished today...with the measure, measure, cut, put together method I got the subfloor frame under the bathroom/kitchen area assembled.  I'm hoping to finish the floor tomorrow.  That means the frame the rest of the floor, put in the radiant barrier and the insulation and attach the actual subfloor!  Then I can start framing walls!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I sometimes can't believe I'm actually doing this and I have to pinch myself to realize it is really happening.  

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