Monday, September 30, 2013

"An ohh all about"

I realized just now that I am using a lot of exclamation points.  I suppose I'm just trying to convey my level of excitement.  Unfortunately, sometimes it just turns into a lot of exclamation points.  Please forgive me.

Funny for phone voicemail is transcribed and sent to me as email.  The transcriptions are mostly inaccurate and sometimes quite hilarious.  Today was a particularly funny one.  The transcription went like this: "The window you ordered is in the store and ready for pick up. Please come through the customer service desk and we will have a nice ohh all about."  I'm glad their customer service agents will be as excited and feel as much awe about my 2x2 window that I bought for the front of the house as I am.  Of all the windows I bought, this one was the most expensive, AND the smallest.  Of course...

And today, the subfloor got finished, I did my first tap dance on it, and my first floor sweeping. 

And Nellie insists on sitting and lying in the dirt.  Since I won't let her hang out in the garden dirt, she found another little patch of dirt (the only one in the yard) and decided to sit in it.  After I put the camera away she decided to lie down too.  I love her.

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