Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where's my autumn?

It seems that we went straight from 100 degrees to overnight freezing!  The last two days have been so cold and rainy that I didn't dare pull the tarps off anything for fear of a sudden downpour, but today stayed bright and sunny all day.  Warmer temps also decided to grace us again as well.  It was actually perfect work outside weather, so that's what I did!  Have to say I was a little more than surprised to find sheets of ice on the Bungalow's tarp. 

While putting everything away tonight I saw that the ice I had dumped off the east side didn't melt today.  It was in the shade, but I was still surprised to see it there on the ground as I put the tarp back on.  

The accomplishment of the day...finished the framing of the aft wall.  I even tried the window to make sure it would fit and it did!  I guess all that measuring paid off.  

I cut a bunch more studs and measured for the starboard and port walls.  Starting the starboard wall tomorrow.  I guess it is time to really decide on the size of my door, buy some exterior paint for my siding and get some housewrap.  I might need it soon if the nice weather keeps up.  Wahoooo! 

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