Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We have walls!...and rain :(

Today was an exciting day in the life of Ticklebelly Bungalow because the walls went up.  The walls were mostly framed and I had been debating whether or not to stand them up.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow and it is just easier to cover walls that are lying down than walls that are standing up.  BUT ALAS after finishing the framing over the starboard wheelwell I realized that I would have to do some heavy lifting if I wanted to frame the same section on the port side.  Thus the decision to right the walls.  I'm still not sure it was the right decision, but it is what it is.  I got the walls that are finished up and connected together and the dark clouds started rolling in.  I thought to myself, it won't rain.  The rain isn't supposed to come until tomorrow.  So there I am standing on a ladder in the thunder, lightning, and sprinkling rain trying to get a few more screws in.  When I finally decided that the tarp needed to go on right now, the wind started to pick up.  That was interesting.  Finally got the tarp over the top, but of course the rain wasn't coming down straight, so I tried to cover the side on which it was raining the most with another tarp only to discover that the top tarp was draining directly on the subfloor next to the porch.  Aaaahhhh, what a mess.  After rigging another tarp there, I gave up and figured my house was just going to get wet.  I came in the house and made dinner.  

I realized while fixing food that I couldn't put off house wrap any longer if I wanted my house to stay dry tomorrow if it rains again, so after dinner went and got a roll of 9' by 150' housewrap.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Nine feet?  I should have gotten the three foot roll and taped it.  It would have been much easier for one person working in the dark to handle.  As it stands, it is a good thing that I have enough to wrap the house again, because I did a piss poor job of it.  It is also good that it is recycle-able because I'll be chucking at least half of what I put on the house tonight.  The roll fell and ripped, pulling holes where I had already stapled.

So, all in all today was a success.  Walls went up, still have the port side over the wheel well to do and the aft wall, and now I have room to work again.  
When the rain started i stopped taking pictures. So i'll post more when it stops raining and i can take the tarps off and start working again.

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