Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ice, but not ice cream...

Here we are the end of September and not expecting quite such cold weather.  I went out about 11:30 this morning to start working on the Bungalow and heard a strange noise as I was peeling off the tarp. I looked on the ground and found plate-sized pieces of ice lying there.  Well, of course Nellie was in heaven, she loves to chew ice, so I gave her some.  
I figured I had better check to make sure everything was level this morning before I began putting on the porch and found that it was not.  The front of the trailer and the framing was level, but not the back part where the porch is.  I figured it must be from the eco foil I had used everywhere but the porch area.  So I got under the trailer and undid all the screws under the porch framing.  Then I put some ecofoil under the joists in the porch area and added a couple more supports to the framing to level it back out.  That, of course, took longer than I thought it would.  So happy to have it done on the level though, that the time doesn't really matter.  Then I attached my porch boards and the 2x6's that go on the perimeter of the house.  I started laying the subfloor, but I have realized that my measurements are off somehow and my subfloor doesn't line up with the floor joists, so I'll have to spend a little time thinking about that and how I want to change it to make it line up.  That is a little bit important to a squeakless floor.  Anyway, I would post some pics, but my phone has been smashed due to iOS 7 being one of the biggest disappointments of all time.  That's a story for another day and not a very exciting one.  I would take a pic with the iPad, but those don't turn out very good.  Should have a new camera this week.  We'll see how that goes.  All that to say I'll post pics later this week or tomorrow if I can get a good one with the iPad.  Thanks for reading and keeping up with Ticklebelly Bungalow.

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