Wednesday, January 6, 2016

House structure report

Some of you may be wondering about how the structure of my house is holding up since it travelled about 1600 miles last year. Now that we're settled, the house has had a chance to do the same. Also last April in San Diego there was some discussion about using laminate flooring for wall covering, which is what I did, and whether or not it was a good idea. 

The ceiling covering looks just like it did when it was first put up. Nothing has shifted and the junctions between the laminate pieces are tight. The walls haven't fared quite as well, though I can't say I'm at all disappointed with them. There are a couple of places where the laminate junctions aren't as tight as they used to be and only two places are really noticeable in the unpainted part of the wall. 
In the kitchen where the walls are painted the settling is more noticeable, though with a little sanding and another coat of paint won't be noticeable at all. I'm not sure how much the cold weather is contributing to this or if it is from rolling down the road. Nevertheless, if I was going to build another tiny house, I would use laminate flooring again for the walls.   I must say that I would probably try using flexible adhesive on the studs as opposed to nailing it like I did. That would at least provide a little more wiggle room for settling.

The kitchen floor has probably fared the worst but it really doesn't look bad. The floor is floating, meaning it isn't actually connected to the subfloor, and has expansion room on the edges.  The kitchen floor gets the most IS the kitchen. The laminate pieces just aren't as tight as they used to be.  Again this may be due to the cold weather or traveling down the road, but I would vote weather because the slight separation has only occurred since the weather got really cold. 

I haven't done much close inspecting outside, but there isn't anything noticeable on the outside of the house that has changed.  I have to admit that I still have some painting to do in the spring.  The trim really needs another coat and the blue could use another coat as well, but that is a warmer weather project.

Looking back on this post's pics I realize you are now probably thinking that my inside walls are falling apart.  But actually this is what they look like.  The separations aren't all that noticeable.

In other news...
I'm making progress on the picture scanning project and brought my third box home from my cousin's house where all of that stuff is stored.  It is quite the emotional rollercoaster for me to be looking through all these pics and reading so many letters from people I love who aren't available for one more hug or one more conversation.  There is a lesson there, but I'll leave that for you.  

Another item...I knew when I changed the layout of my original plans to the layout I actually built, that I was eliminating a lot of storage space.  I've almost decided to put in a wall cabinet above the trunk (closet), which is behind the front door.  We'll see.

PS. I really love my radiant heat floor.  My feet haven't been cold since I turned it on.  Now to see how much electricity the floor really uses...  

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