Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ceiling covering

With the insulation and the gable ends finished, it was time to put up the ceiling. So I snapped a chalk line and started the port side. I got all the way to the second to the last full row and realized that I had crazy gaps...meaning that some row below wasn't lined up properly.  I thought I had been quite careful about that, but apparently not.  I figured I could live with the gaps and just fill them in and not be bothered by it.

So here is the port side almost finished...just missing the last row.  Notice the gaps in the last two rows.  

Started on the other side.

Starboard side finished all the way to the peak.  Just one last row on the port side and done...but then...

The perfectionist kicked in, and I started wondering if the gaps on the port side would forever bug me.  I decided that they would, even if they were filled.  So I took the port side completely down because the offending misaligned row was actually the bottom row.  Of course.  Arggghhhh!  If I fixed it now, it would be relatively easy.  If I decided to fix it later, I knew I would be kicking myself for not fixing it when it was relatively easy.  So it took me a few days to get up my courage enough to take the port side down, then a few more days to get up the courage to start over.  Then a few more days to get over my frustration, and I got back to the place I started with all but the last row up.  Then today I finally finished the ceiling.  NO GAPS!!  YEHAAAAA!!  Guess it is time to decide on some trim.

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