Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cooktop and sink, port side

Here we are again for the Sunday update.  Still working on the kitchen area.  Not feeling like I've accomplished very much this week, but definitely crossing things off the list, so I need to re-think my accomplishment statement.  My neighbor gave me a reference for a propane plumber...still need to call him. Step in the right direction.

This is where I started, cutting the countertop to the length I wanted made me a little nervous.  Measure a million times, cut once was the theme this week.  

Figuring out just how far from the edge I needed to put the cooktop and sink.  Again measure a million times...

Drilled holes in all the corners of the rectangle where the cooktop was going to go, and started with a dull blade in the jigsaw.  After one short side decided to change the blade and that made cutting so much easier.  

Sealed the inside of the cut edges. You'll notice that the cooktop rectangle has been sealed and the sink circle has not been sealed yet.   

Sink and faucet holes sealed, cooktop in place.

Cooktop and sink in place. The sink came with a foam strip to seal it to the countertop and prevent moisture from getting below the lip of the sink, but I decided to use plumber's putty instead. I figured it would make a better seal.  The reviews and comments I've read online said that the foam strip was sufficient, but my gut said plumbers putty.  So plumber's putty.  It worked very nicely.

And here it is with the cooktop, sink and faucet in place, as well as the countertop correctly attached to the cabinets.  Now to call the plumber about the propane.

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