Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stairs and a bit o' trim

I've been using a ladder to get into the bungalow until now.  Although sometimes I would just step right up onto the porch.  On days where I was in and out a lot both those methods got a little tiring.  Also, I've had more people showing interest in taking a peek inside.  Some of those people just don't do ladders.  So the stairs made the top of the list this week.  

I must admit I like using the stairs much more than I anticipated. If I build another tiny house, the stairs will be at the top of the list sooner.

Bonus blueberry bushes decided to share a few berries with us (at least me). So I picked a small handful, sat on the porch of TB and ate them one at a time.  Sorry Mom. That's right, I didn't share.

The other thing that got finished this week is a bit of trim. Here is the gable end in the sleeping loft. The picture isn't very good...sorry. In the pic it looks like there is a big gap between the trim and the wall or ceiling, but there really isn't. 

Perspective picture of the century...I'm standing on the floor under the ceiling fan (blades at the top of the pic), taking the picture toward the sleeping loft. Don't know if anyone but me can see it, but there is new trim down the peak of the ceiling...looks finished in real life. :)  

The trim on the porch side loft. Same issue with gaps in the picture that aren't really there. Shadows do funny things. 

Not feeling like I got very much accomplished this week and my biggest excuse is that it is too hot outside. Such a lame excuse because really it is only too hot for a few hours a day. The rest of the time I'm just being a wimp.  So, feeling like I need to step it up this week. Oh, and my cousin, Tami and her husband Tim are coming to visit this week and I'm SO excited to see them! Maybe I'll start posting a rogue's gallery of people who pass through the Bungalow...probably should have started that before.

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  1. Jen, I have been following your progress and I am VERY impressed! Good job!