Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Drawer pulls and a bathroom wall

Anybody shop for drawer pulls lately?  I found some that I like, but they were quite expensive. Then I found some that would do, but they were quite expensive. Then I found some that I would love to have, but they were more expensive (for a whole set) than the new tires I just put on my Jeep. Then I thought that maybe I would make some drawer pulls out of braided nylon string and from that came the idea of putting a bead on the end of the string.  In looking for some beads that I liked, I ran across some shell-shaped beads that would have been perfect if they had been about ten times bigger. My thoughts then turned to the gigantic sea shell collection we already have around the house. 
Here you go!

The four drawers have smaller shells.

The port side cupboards

This cabinet on the starboard side sports a couple of shells from Australia. No need to drill these babies, they already had holes. 

Next up...finishing another of the bathroom walls.  I had to feed the electrical wires out the wall, and cut the hole for the waste water before finishing the wall you see here. 

Starboard side bottom

Port side bottom...

Port side top...

Starboard side top

Port side finished

Starboard side finished!

I feel a painting day coming on!

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