Saturday, October 24, 2015

Milestones Galore!

Milestones every day.  Here are some favorites...

Thursday October 22
Made my first hot chocolate on my very own stove this morning!  Yay!

Friday October 23
We have running water!

Ran the heater for the first time today.  I'm actually pretty impressed.  Now I just need to get the ceiling fan going and it will be pushing that heat around perfectly.

Saturday October 24
Made my first cooked meal today...had soft tacos.  YUM!  The stove is working perfectly.

Well, the smoke alarm works perfectly too! Yes, I made my first popcorn so I could watch a movie in style, and lo and behold the smoke alarm works...and i didn't even burn the popcorn.  JiffyPop all the way!
Making bacon will be an interesting experience.  Guess I'll just have to remember to open a window or two.  I think putting those double hung windows in the kitchen will come in handy!

Sunday October 25
Made some quesadillas tonight and guess what?  Yep, the smoke alarm still works.  I may need to make some adjustments to the location of that alarm.  Poor Nelie kept looking at me wondering if she should run or not. Then I began doing the towel wave thing and I'm sure she thought I was nuts.

Other than the smoke alarm, I've learned a few other things.  First, dishes can't be left in the sink.  When you only have one sink, it is difficult to wash hands, brush teeth etc, when it is full of dishes.  Second, it is important to remember Mr Rogers.  Changing shoes when coming in and out of the house will make floor cleaning so much easier.  This is a new habit for me, so I'm not doing too well so far.  

I thought about including a pic of the organizational progress so far, but I just couldn't do it.  The pics make the house look VERY cluttered.  While it is still quite cluttered, the pics make it look ten times worse than it is.  I'll post some of those pics next time as before and afters. :)  I've been busy with the grey water greenhouse.  After a bazillion trips to the store, it is finally in the testing stages.  Updates on that will also be forthcoming.  I bought a couple of wall shelves to put up over the closet/trunk.  I still have too much stuff.  Grrrr.  Downsizing is a process, downsizing is a process, downsizing is a process.  Just reminding myself.

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