Friday, October 2, 2015


My word of the day is perfect for today.  Peripeteia means a turn of events or an unusual reversal.  So my peripeteia has to do with parking for the tiny house.  After making you all envious in the extreme of my future view, it turns out that my view will be somewhat different.  The HOA at the RV park confabulated in too lengthy a manner, and in that time I realized that I had no more desire to reside there (reason: HOA).  So in reality, it worked out just right, they chatted just long enough. :)  

With that said, I will be moving the Bungalow to Grantsville, UT (which is near Tooele for those who are somewhat familiar with UT geography).  My college roommate Robyn and her family have a house and property there with kids, lots of horses, dogs, goats, cats, a space just right for the Bungalow and Nellie, and an equally beautiful view.  That doesn't even take into account how much I love Robyn and her family.  

Pictures of the view TBP (to be posted).

So that means that I'll need to get a heater.  More of the Bungalow, and move-in experience to come!  This is getting exciting!


  1. I've been on the same where to park journey and I've tried to just go with the flow. I'm excited for goat photos!!

  2. Ahhhhh. So happy you choose the space in Grsntsville. I think you will be really happy there. Sounds like your kinda place.
    Much love. 💕