Thursday, September 24, 2015

Parking spot for the winter!

Ok, all of you guys are going to be insanely jealous when you see the view from where my porch will be starting October 15!  I'm renting a space in Hurricane, UT from a couple who are full-time RV-ers. They are going to Yuma for the winter. Hurricane must be where we are supposed to be for a handful of reasons. #1 It was effortless. #2 they had quite a few people inquire, but no takers (until me). #3 It feels like home. #4 there is grass (not just rocks). #5 it feels like the country, but I'm five minutes to everything. #6 the breeze just reminded me that Mom is watching out for me. #7 My new backyard and neighborhood are amazing! #8 It is right next to a place that does helicopter tours of Zion NP (added to the bucket list). And now for the jealousy section of this post. 

The future view from my porch will be this. 

My neighborhood looks like this. 

And this.

And this. (this is the campground I'm staying at, not my new home)

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