Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bench cover

It must be spring because the projects are easier to begin. Or maybe my Vitamin D is back to a halfway normal level. Whatever the reason, a long-awaited project finally rose to the top of the list. Yes, the bench cover.  I forgot how much I enjoy projects like this. So here's where we started...a cut up old mattress cover for padding, green outdoor canvas, a zipper that I decided not to use, some Velcro that will only get used if the cover decides to habitually shift, a ruler, and a measuring tape. Let's GO!

Laying out the fabric. 

I love sewing corners­čśť
I also serged all the edges, but I'm sure your imagination can take care of that picture. 

Done!  Of course there was pressing seams and hems in there somewhere, staying up too late and indecision about the hem stitch, but it got finished. 

Speaking of the hem stitch, I decided to get a little fancy. It is a setting on my little inexpensive IKEA sewing machine. Got about halfway finished with the hem and realized that the stitch reminded me of an old lady tablecloth edge. Oh well,  

I also got some plants planted this weekend.  Started with some bulbs...lillies, gladiolus, and crocusmia (really tall with little red flowers) then moved to some things for the garden. We've got cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash, and watermelon going so far. 

Then I ordered my birthday present...four columnar apple trees, a bunch of strawberries, and four blueberry plants. So excited for them all to come. The columnar apples are super cool and I'll plant them in big pots. They grow straight up on one branch and produce regular sized apples. So excited! Oh I said that already! 

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