Saturday, April 16, 2016

Planning and Planting

Spring has sprung here in Northern Utah, and as usual the weather is like a giant roller coaster.  Last week 70's and sunny (perfect!), this week torrential rain, wind, hail, and lows in the 30's.  So I rely on the saying "April showers bring May flowers" to get me through.  I also enjoy the fact that there is no watering to do because it has already been taken care of.  
On a more garden-y note...I've got some seeds going in the house, zucchini, yellow squash, butternut, cucumbers (pickling and muncher) and watermelon.  So far only the cucumbers have sprouted and I got so excited!

I've also got my columnar apple trees planted in planters outside.  There are four of them that will make a nice little feature at the front end of the yard.  Very excited for them to start leafing out.

The blueberries are ready to go in their own buckets, just needs to be warm enough at night to leave them out.

Then I also have about a billion strawberry plants...well, okay, not a billion, but 75 sure seems like a billion. I'm going to try the strawberries in rain gutter along the top rail of the fence this year and see how that goes.  Got the gutter, put in the drain holes, and put it up.  A little excited about that.

And half ready with dirt

And ta-da! 40 strawberries in their nice new home. 

What to do with the other 35? Put them in with the apples...
And make a centerpiece for the patio table. 

I got some mosquito repelling plants, lavendar, bee balm, and basil.  No marigolds at the store yet so I got some marigold seeds. 

Then I'm such a a can. That is all.

Question of the week...where to put the rhubarb? 
How about in here?

And I was thinking that today might be the day to plant the sunflowers along the outside of the north side of the fence. :)
Actually, that will have to wait until next weekend. I'm pooped!

A trial-and-error plan.  I'm going to disconnect my kitchen and bath water from the mulch basin and use that water for watering the garden.  I'll keep you posted when that takes place...not quite ready for that yet, but since the title of the post is PLANNING and planting, I figured I'd better mention some future plans.  

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