Sunday, August 7, 2016


Now that I've revealed the family swear word, not that it was a secret or anything, I'll reveal why I used it.

Yes, the pergola took a little flight to the other side of the fence.  I will just say the wind here is amazing. That is all. (Actually, I'm just sparing you the other swears I used yesterday when I found out and this morning when I saw it for myself.)

A gigantic THANK YOU to Robyn and Keith for moving it off of the neighbor's property.  I'm also grateful that nothing else was damaged, except the fence. (Not even a mark in the garden as it flew over.)  Guess I get to start over with that project, but first I need to eat a bit of chocolate and take a nap.  Maybe I'll even read a while or watch a movie before starting again.
Back to the beginning. Took it all apart and it looks much as it did before I started in the first place. 

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