Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lofts are in!

  A major event has taken place...I GRADUATED!!! And although I still wake up thinking I need to work on my paper, I can very easily (now) convince myself to go back to sleep for a little while.  It has also been very cold, I know I'm a wimp, but it has actually started to warm up a little into the 20's.  I also lost my warm gloves.  I suspect I dropped them somewhere after walking Nellie or something, so I don't expect to find them.  Guess it is time to get some new ones...sounds like a stocking stuffer coming on.

So after another long break from working on Ticklebelly Bungalow I finally made a path in the snow and  got back out there. (Supposed to snow again tomorrow.) I went last week and got one more piece of plywood I needed and had them cut it to size at the store.  That also meant that it would fit in the Jeep.  Got it home and it was 1/4 inch too wide.  Today I finally got out the saw and cut it down that 1/4 inch so it would fit.  Also needed to cut the length of the other piece to fit the loft and this is what I finally have!  A loft!  The plywood is secured and it is ready to go!

This is my current view when lying down in the loft.  Hehehe

I also have been working on the rafter vents and have the first row up.  Need to cut the remainder to size and that will be an easy 20 minute job to get the rest in.  On the other hand, usually that 20 minutes turns into 2 hours because of something I figured out differently or a new idea, but this one is pretty straight forward.

Up next...putting all the trim in the loft for storage and marking the layout of the walls, kitchen cabinets, and closet on the floor below.  Then I can start putting in the electrical boxes where they are going to go, and pulling the wiring.  I suppose I need to decide where my breaker box will be. :)

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