Sunday, December 29, 2013

Little things...

After the lofts were finished, I put all the lumber and the eave trim and ridge cap in the loft and have started laying out the bathroom and kitchen.  I put in the electrical boxes yesterday and started drilling the holes for the wiring.  Today I finished the holes for the electrical and started fixing the hurricane clips that needed to be moved down.  When I originally put them up I didn't measure where the bottom of the clips ended up, so when I tried to attach the bottom half of the clip to the wall I ended up putting screws through the siding only.  That wouldn't work.  So I had to move the clips down about two inches to make sure I fastened them to the header 2x4.  I've been putting off moving the clips because the snow around the house is crusty and hard and not a very stable platform for the ladder.  But I decided to bite the bullet and see if I could accomplish the task safely.  I got one side all fixed. Tomorrow I'll finish the other side and maybe run some wiring.  I think I'm going to hire an electrician to hook up the breaker box and consult about the solar stuff.  No pics today, not much to see.

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