Monday, December 2, 2013

Big snow is coming! Good thing I finished the roof today!

Got started early today because I was keeping an eye on the weather.  It was in the 50's today, but tomorrow it is supposed to snow, and the rest of the week the temps aren't even going to break freezing!  Crazy weather! but the skiing is going to be good this year.

Today: first I took off the roof sheathing I put up before because it was crooked.  I snapped some chalk lines to keep everything on the straight and narrow. I put up the lower course of sheathing on both sides so I could work from inside the house.  But I was faced with a small dilemma.  The plywood sheathing that I needed in order to finish the lower course was being used as a platform between the lofts. Ah, then a revelation...I had a piece left over from the subfloor that I could use.  So now instead of a platform I had a footbridge, but it was enough that I could finish the roof without moving the ladder a bazillion times and going up and down, up and down.  After the first row was secured, I decided to put the first row of roof paper on, again so I could work from inside the house.  Can you tell I'm trying to minimize my time on top of the roof?  I also need to get a taller ladder in order to get up there.

A funny experience...I was putting on one of the bigger pieces (read that heavy) of sheathing on the bottom row and holding it in place with my left hand. It was getting really heavy and I knew if I didn't get it attached pretty quick I was going to drop it.  So I grabbed it with my right hand to rest my left for a minute.  My left thumb wouldn't straighten, so I very quickly attached the plywood and had to actually straighten my left thumb with my right hand.  Never had that happen before and it was strange because I didn't get a cramp or anything...very weird.  Anyway, I was glad that I didn't have to hold up anymore plywood because that was the last piece on the bottom.

So after the bottom row and the roof paper, I started the second row, about ran out of screws and had to ration the last few.  When I got to the second side I actually didn't completely attach each piece because I couldn't reach very far.  So I still need to add some screws on the far side of each piece, but I was really pleased with what I got done.  

Since the snow is coming I put the tarp back on and only had to use one.  That is a relief!  So much easier to secure one rather than two.  So excited for the progress!!!

So here are some pictures of the progress today.  Didn't get a pic of where we finished because I finished after dark again.  The eve trim is next so I can then put on the drip edge and then the metal roof.  Wahooo!  

Here's where we started this morning....

Bottom row of sheathing finished on both sides....

Top row started...

Roof paper on and top row almost finished.

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