Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big ticket items...hmmm

So now that I'm at the point where I need to begin plumbing and powering TB, I've taken a step off a cliff.  Probably to most people it won't seem like such a big deal, but it sure is to me.  I have been watching the price of some solar panels for a few months now.  The panels seemed like a too good to be true kind of thing, but all of the many customer reviews were quite positive.  I didn't purchase them because I wanted to wait until I had the cash available. Then a couple of weeks ago the price went up $100 per panel, so I figured I'd missed out.  After looking around I found a very similar panel for a price similar to the previous price.  I decided to buy two and took the credit card plunge.  I know, I'm sure I've fallen victim to some capitalist scheme, but I just bought two 136 watt flexible panels for $195 each.  Can't imagine finding a better price.  And no, I'm not particularly scared about Unisolar going out of business.  

It wouldn't have been so bad if I had stopped there.  Following on the propane thread, I've always watched the price of the little Dickinson P9000 marine heater (for 6 years now) and Sure Marine has them regularly for much less than anyplace else.  A little google search proved once again that was the case, so I took the plunge there too.  The funny thing is that I have no buyers remorse this morning...only relief.  I guess I'd better get busy so I can have a place for these things to go once they get here.  

Getting closer!

Update...even though it is Saturday, FedEx delivered the solar panels today!  So excited! Here they are all rolled up in the box.  I'd better get busy finding just the right charge controller, batteries, and inverter! I really this far in the process?  Sometimes I have moments of disbelief that it is all coming together.

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