Friday, April 25, 2014


The floor ended up at the top of the list.  I had everything for it, so I started.  It is amazing how things get finished after simply starting.  (Philosophical thought for the day).  I had a small dilemma because I bought the radiant floor before I changed my mind about the inside layout of the house so I had to reconfigure a little bit. The way it is layed out now...4 1/2' x 10' of radiant heat down the middle of the main section, a 1 1/2' x 5' section in the bathroom, and another 1 1/2' by 5' section near the entry door (but not centered because of the "closet" that will be on the starboard side.  
So here are the photos... view from the entry.

View from the bathroom door

Then putting in the laminate.  

Halfway there...

One row left at 10pm.  Thought I'd give my neighbors a break and not run the saw at that hour so I waited until the next day to finish up. :)

All finished and the fridge is back inside before the rain.

Bathroom floor and under the rolling pantry/bathroom door

The last thing to do was attach all the wiring to the thermostat, which had to be done about 4 times but finally got finished and finished properly.  Need a little power to try it out now...

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