Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Doors...okay just one.

So exciting!  Saturday night I actually closed and locked the door!  I felt like no matter what else was left to be finished, I could live in my Ticklebelly Bungalow now if I had to.  It has a door!...that locks even!!!

So here is the door hanging in its new living space. No handle, no lock, no doorjamb, no threshold...

And from the inside...

And closed from the outside...

I also got out the paint again and painted the porch ceiling. This was after one coat...still needs about 4 more. Think I'll buy different paint next time.

Doorjamb with one coat of paint. Almost can't tell there is any paint on at all.

Door finished minus one piece of trim on the top. I actually got Nellie to go through the dog door too.  Trim and doorjamb still need a couple more coats of paint, but that is easy.  Debating whether or not to paint the speakeasy and the horseshoe white.

I have determined that tomorrow is a clean-up day. Going to clean up all the odd pieces of wood, siding, etc and have a little marshmallow fire with the burnable pieces.  Then I'll finish the trim and start on some of the other items on the list.

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