Saturday, August 2, 2014

Small items

This week I'm feeling like I didn't accomplish much, but a little is better than nothing.  The tub platform started here.

Then added a little height.  In my attempt to not have any holes in the floor I had to find a drain for the tub that was quite low profile.  I originally thought I would need to build the tub platform out of 2x6 in order to accomodate the drain. But then I found a drain that would work with 2x4. Whew.

Then the platform itself is made of leftover chunks of 3/4" plywood.

Here it is I need to cut the hole for the drain and get the plumbing going. I'm also using shims to create a little bit of a slope for water draining.
Also, when I put in the water input I was still thinking I would be using 2x6 for the platform, so my water intake was too high.  I had to relocate it a bit lower, and fill in the original hole.  Didn't take a pic of that mess, but once it is painted I'm sure I'll be the only one who notices.  Need to get the shut-off valves for the sink and then I can test the water connections and finish that wall. 

The other thing I did this week was paint the trim for the storage loft.  Started with a bit of pale green...

Added some darker green (it is sparkly if you see it in person)...

Then added some blue to the opposite side and blended it all together.

It is difficult to take a picture while attempting to hold the trim in place.  Here is my sad attempt.

The last thing I did this week, which doesn't have accompanying pictures, had to do with the bathtub.  I've had many ideas to create a slope in the tub to facilitate draining.  The first idea I tried failed pretty completely.  I mixed sand with plastidip and spread it around the bottom of the water trough creating a slope toward where the drain will be.  I think it would have actually worked if I had used finer sand, but alas, this week was spent chiseling the dried concoction out of the tub. I think the shims under the tub platform will be enough, but I'm still going to line the trough with a layer of plastidip. I tested the water-tightness and the trough is not leaking, but I want an extra layer of water seal.  So more on that coming up.

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