Sunday, February 1, 2015

Deep thoughts (not by Jack Handy)

The only thing that got finished on the tiny house this week was the plastic pieces on the bottom of the drawers in the trunk, which will make the drawers slide easier.  I also swept the floor. WOW!  Anyway, I'm having a small dilemma.   Should the Bungalow have an adventure in April or not?  The Kyocera Earth Expo is happening in San Diego.  I've already committed myself to being there, but the question is should I take the house with me?  It sure would be fun to have a tiny for tours and display.  I've looked at pick-ups to rent and they aren't as expensive as I thought they might be.  By April the house should be liveable.  I'm planning to finish the plumbing this week and after that everything is just cosmetic...until I save the money to finish off the solar components (after which I'll probably hire an electrician to make sure I don't electrocute myself or anybody else, or burn my house down).  So that is the question...which I need to decide in the next day or two, so I can commit to the organizers.

Oh, one more decision I've made...another dilemma has been chairs for the dining table.  I've looked at about a bazillion chairs, mostly the folding type.  Of course the designs that I like the best and that fold the flattest are the most expensive and WAY out of my price range.  So I decided to take a different route.  Since my table will have drawers, why not put my chairs in the drawers.  Before you try to visualize what I might be suggesting, I'll just explain.  I've decided to use exercise balls as chairs.  I've done this before in a work situation because of a nerve/hip injury and it worked quite well.  The beauty of it is that when nobody's coming over for food and beverages, I can deflate the balls and store them in one of the drawers.  Then when company is expected, I'll just spend a few minutes pumping them up.  Voila! Chairs!  I'll leave one inflated for me to use regularly and when I'm not using it, it can go in the sleeping loft...or the bathtub.  The best part is that they are in my price range!  So there you have it!  

Sorry no house pics, but here is one of Nellie and the firepit.

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