Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pantry/bathroom door

This week I was determined to get the pantry, which is also the bathroom door, all finished.  So I began with putting the backing on.  I used the same laminate flooring that I've used all over the house.  I  was going to paint it white on both sides, but both people who have seen it liked the wood on the kitchen side and white on the bathroom side.  So that is what I'll do.

Bottom couple of rows started...

Back on all the way up.

There are casters on the bottom, but the other ideas I've tried to make it glide straight out and back haven't worked so my next option was to put the whole pantry on a closet door track.  Whoa, more than I bargained for!  I needed to take an inch and a half off the top of the pantry for the track to fit on the ceiling, so I took the top rail off and cut the sides down by that much.  PS I love my jigsaw!  

Cut on the middle line please!

After much maneuvering I finally got the rail up, the wheels attached to the backing and in the track, and then put the backing back on the pantry.  What a mess, but it finally got done!  Didn't get back out tonight to test it all out, but I'll do that on Thursday, as well as oil the casters so they don't squeak. Yay, bathroom blinds and a door all within two weeks.  Movin' on up!

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