Saturday, February 7, 2015

More little stuff...whew!

I can no longer use the excuse that it is too cold outside to work on the Bungalow. We have had record high temps. It is very pleasant.  So here's what I've been up to.

This little brown piece has been on the to-do list since I put the siding up on the door end of the house.  Well this morning I was putting something away in the shed and noticed the piece which already had the correct angle (I knew I had this piece, but thought I'd have to look a bit harder).  So I grabbed it and started with that. Now I can finish the trim around the door (need to buy a 1x6). 

Next, I was getting up into the loft to get the laminate flooring that I had intended to cut today, and realized that I could put up my bathroom blinds because the window had been trimmed!  So, I got the blinds out of the loft and cut about an inch off the rods and they fit perfectly!
Daytime shot...

Nighttime shot...

Outside shot of the blinds

Here is the laminate I'll be using for the bathroom walls.  I want to test out my water connections before I put the wall covering on, but I figured I could cut the pieces so they are ready when I am.  

This is the wall that needs some covering.

Also thought I'd give some welding a try...solvent welding that is.  I still need a tailpiece for the sink plumbing before I can put this all together, but it is coming along nicely.  

I also made a list of the trim and plumbing pieces I need to finish up those things and I'll probably go purchase them on Tuesday when Mom's senior companion is here. 

A note about the waste water.  I've been looking into gray water systems, and it seems there are some states that consider kitchen waste water as black water because of the food waste that ends up going down the kitchen drain.  Since I don't really know where the Bungalow with be planted eventually, I thought it would be a good idea to separate my bath drain from the kitchen drain.  So, my plumbing plan changed a little, but it is actually easier to plumb it the new way.

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