Sunday, April 19, 2015

TB has left the yard!

Some fun things so far about this adventure...
See in Beaver, UT  "Fast friendly service...... Quality Gasoline!!  #1 RESTROOMS!!!!  Guess we have our priorities straight.  ;D

People are drawn to the bungalow!  Every stop I made, except my midnight sleeping stop, people wanted to see and talk about tiny houses!  I LOVE IT!

Here are some new friends in North Las Vegas.  Stopped for gas and met a very nice family!

At the EarthFair today we had a constant line of people waiting to take a peek inside.  I was a little surprised at the interest and excitement.  We had 1500 business cards promoting the Tiny House Enthusiasts Meetup group and they were all gone by early afternoon.  Such a fun day sharing my little house with San Diego!  Time went by so quickly and I was quite shocked when someone came in and said we had 15 minutes left and then we had to close our booth.  WHAT? IT IS QUARTER TO 5?  Wow! Fastest 8 hours I've ever lived through I think.  I'll post more pics later.  Tomorrow it is off to the TV station for San Diego Living on Fox channel 6. Live TV and I'm a little bit nervous. It will be very fun.


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