Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday accomplishments! 3 days to San Diego!

Quite a productive day!  It was very warm this morning, so I figured I'd get an early start.  The screwdriver batteries were all charged up and ready to go.  First came the tub!  I also cut space in the shelves for the propane pipe in the cupboard under the cooktop, but didn't take pics of that.

There's a hole in my bathtub, Dear Liza!

With a drain...:)

I added a mirror to that wall even though the shower curtain will cover it.  But I put in a clear shower curtain, so the mirror will still reflect some light and give a little depth.

Attached the drawer fronts to the drawers under the tub.

Finally decided on how to keep my pantry from emptying itself when rolling it open and closed.  I cut about half an inch into both ends of a dowel to make a flat surface, then attached them to the pantry...see below.

Thought I might get fancy pantsy artsy fartsy and paint them all cool, but it didn't work in the end. Here I'm drilling holes and starting the nails.

Can you find the rail that is up?

Here they are mostly up...had to glue the bottom one back together because the hammer landed just right and broke the dowel.

Painted white, and now they look much better.

A closer shot.  The ends of the dowels were cut flat so I could attach them.

I also began the clean up project!  I took all the extra wood and flooring to the shed, as well as many tools.  I emptied the storage loft and vaccuumed most of the floor.  Just working on getting it into presentation shape.  Lighting in the kitchen is the next priority.  We'll see how tomorrow and Thursday go.  I still need to add some trailer lights to the porch so I'm legal.  :) 

Despite starting out very warm, we finished the day with snow.  I think it will still be on the grass in the morning.  Must be spring!

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