Monday, April 20, 2015

San Diego EarthFair 2015 and San Diego Living

Before we get to the pics...a funny.
Since I usually don't schedule myself to go places early in the morning, I was a little nervous about waking up on time to arrive and set up at the EarthFair.  I set two alarms one on the phone, one on the iPad.  Well, I woke up before either alarm rang. Dark outside, checked the clock 5:15am, tried to go back to sleep.  6:15am, still dark outside, couldn't go back to sleep so decided to get ready to go and show up a little early...couldn't hurt to be a little early...supposed to be there right around 7 to set up and only takes a few minutes to get there.  6:45 still pretty dark outside, but beginning to show signs of daylight.  I hop in the truck after double checking lights, hitch, etc, turn the key in the ignition, console in the truck comes on, and the clock reads 5:45.  Then it hits me!  My phone and iPad don't automatically change time zones, because I changed that particular setting.  I was already awake and ready to go, so I figured I'd just go.  It all worked out just fine, but NO WONDER it was SO dark outside!!  

So on to the pics
Rolling up to our booth spot

Inside the packed but very happy house...

Outside the packed but very happy house
People waiting in line for a tiny tour of my tiny space.  Most of the day there was a line of people waiting to come in and see.  We let in 5-7 people at a time, most people were inside for about 2-3 minutes and it was a steady stream! So in the 8 hours of the fair between 1200 and 1500 people walked through my house.  Each one had a smile on their face as they walked through the door, and the kids were so fascinated by the lofts!  A lot of them got to climb the stairs and sit on the bed.  I loved seeing their excited little smiling faces.  SO FUN!!  It was really great to hear people say, "I could live in this!" or "You built this?" Me: "Yes, I did and so can you!" Then I could see the wheels turning as they thought about the possibilities, being inspired by standing in my tiny space! 

The instructions about closing booths at 5pm are pretty strict and understandably so.  If not, they'd never get everyone out of the park.  At 4:45 someone came in and told me we had 15 minutes before we had to close.  I was a little shocked! The time had gone by so quickly!  We finally let everyone in line crowd in so they could get a little view of the inside, and at 5 we had to shut the door.  Bummer.  We walked out onto the porch and pulled the door closed, then I had a slow motion moment.  You know when you lock your keys in the car, and the door is half an inch from closing and there is nothing you can do to keep the latch from clicking?  Yeah, one of those moments. And yeah, I locked the tiny house door key in the tiny house!  Good thing the windows were open!  So then this happened...

Danielle's brave daughter went in through the kitchen window to save us!
Her first house break-in!

All in all I would call the day an amazing success! 

Monday we go again!  Off to the TV station to be on San Diego Living.  Driving in a bit of morning traffic was interesting...driving in ANY traffic is interesting. I love the looks and thumbs up and peace signs and rushing to get out the phone for a pic. It is almost as good as driving the topless jeep with Nellie riding in the back wearing her doggles.  ANYWAY, if you'd like to check out our TV appearance click on the link below.

And here's us in the backlot.

Well, that's all for now.  I'm headed to the beach for a little while.  Can't come to San Diego and NOT go to the beach.




  1. Hey, Jen, it was great meeting you today and seeing your clever 'tiny home'. I didn't realize you had done all this work in a month. Loved your interview on San Diego Living. I'll be following your blog.

  2. Oops, I didn't see your earlier posts. I have more reading to do.

  3. Finally finished. I see you've been working on the bungalow for over a year and a half. That makes much more sense. I hadn't realized you built it from the ground up. Now I'm even more impressed. Ron said he knew it all along. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Italy too.

    1. Hi Barbara!
      It was nice to meet you as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!