Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'm back!

Took a little break to take care of some family business, but now I'm back and heavy into the downsizing in preparation for moving into Ticklebelly Bungalow.  Also been working on fixing up my big house. My little brother, Brian (hehe, he's not that little) and his wife, Jo, helped me with the honey-do list. A GIANT thanks goes out to them! There is only one more thing on it, but it is a biggie that I'm sure will require a professional.  

Here is one of our little projects.  This idea came from another blog, and I apologize for not taking note of it so I could link it here.  All you need is cinderblocks (donated by my neighbor), paint (the most expensive part of the project) and a couple of 4X4's.  We had one left over from our fence repair, bought another to match it and then used two old fence posts (with the rot cut off).  For the cushions I used a foam mattress cover (cut to size) and a sheet for the covers which I left open on one end so I could take out the foam and wash the cover if needed.

Painting the cinderblocks

Brian glued the cinderblocks together
All put together

With the cushions

I think it might be time for a marshmallow roast and Ticklebelly Bungalow open house!  I'll keep you updated about dates and times.  

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