Sunday, May 31, 2015

Open house and middle of two projects...

I completely enjoyed the open house yesterday!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics.  Sorry about that.  It was really good to connect with old and new friends and neighbors.  It seems that there are a few things in the house that people like the most.  First thing most people comment on is how much bigger it seems inside than they thought from looking at the outside.  I think there are three major contributors to that thought: 1) the white kitchen, 2) the high ceiling, and 3) the lack of interior walls.  The second thing many people comment on is the blue tile backsplash in the kitchen.  That happens to be one of my favorite things about the house.  It sets a really relaxing, laid back tone, almost beachy feeling.  
The third thing is the stairs to the loft.  The design is my own with influences from every other tiny house I've ever seen.  The stairs on a pulley adds a tree house feeling that reminds people of when they were a kid, so it lends a very playful spirit to the space.
 I truly love sharing my house with people! The happy, excited, inspired energy everyone brings has seeped into the structure and I can't help but smile every time I walk in the door.  Thank you all!!

This week has been a little busy for me.  I've been studying for a test that could land me a work-from-home part-time job.  The three sections of the test need to be done by this coming Wednesday which seems quite do-able, but I had no idea what to expect.  As of this moment I've passed two sections, each one took me 3-4 hours.  All that to say I didn't get everything finished that I wanted to for the open house.  I was hoping to get the table ready and the lights in the kitchen re-done.  Got part-way finished with both. So here is the progress report: the middle section designed and part-way built and my measurements are off by about 3/8 of an inch so next will be to take it apart, re-cut, and put back together.

Kitchen light...the LED strip that I had in the kitchen was bright white LED's and I found the light too harsh for my liking even when they were dimmed, so I got some warm white ones that I think I'll like better.  The other part of the kitchen light re-vamp is that I liked the hula hoop shape/idea, but it looked shabby and a bit tacky to me.  SO, I wrapped the hula hoop in rope and I already like it better.  
Need to put the new lights on and see how that looks.  Then my friend Audry suggested I make a little chandelier out of it by using another smaller hula hoop to give it some depth.  I'm liking that idea, so might need to give it a try.

PS.  The charge controller arrived!!!  Waiting on the batteries and inverter now.  Can hardly stand it!

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