Saturday, May 23, 2015


Ok, folks. I did it!  I just pushed the button to buy the rest of my solar components.  I think I'm gonna cry :D (from happiness).  I will still need to get cables, a fuse or two, and the advice of an electrician, but as of today my tiny house is one step closer to off-grid liveable!  This was the last big thing.  WOW!  Thank you Mom!  So now, I need to get my panels back out, then the waiting begins for the brown man to stop in front of my house. (That would be the UPS guy, who btw is very handsome. I'm always happy to see him.)  So the things I pushed the "go button" on today are the batteries, charge controller, and inverter.  I got 2 - 125ah batteries, 12v.  I got two because my panels are 24v so I will need to wire my batteries in series so the voltages match. I got an MPPT charge controller to get the most juice from the panels to the batteries.  And last but not least I ordered a 1500W pure sine wave inverter, so my electronics will work properly when plugged into the system.  I think this calls for a small celebration. Yes, I know I just went to the grocery store this morning, but I think I'd better go back and get some chocolate (which I so proudly walked past this morning...should have known better).

Ok, went back to the store...:)

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