Sunday, May 17, 2015

De-clutter...the beginning...or maybe the middle

Hi Y'all! The weather this week has been interesting and so have my Ticklebelly activities.  I have a very short to-do list in the tiny house now.  I got the smoke alarm and the CO alarm put up.  There are only so many places in a tiny house that either of those can go.  The CO alarm is supposed to be on an inside wall, which only gives a couple of options, and the smoke alarm is supposed to be out of air streams that could prevent smoke from entering the alarm.  Hmmmm.  The number of windows in the house provide lots of cross-breezes.  In the end I put the smoke alarm on the ceiling in the storage loft near the peak of the ceiling.  I put the CO alarm down low on the bookshelf/stairs.  If anyone has any suggestions on where else they could go please leave comments below. 

I also started cleaning up the fender-outside wall junctions.  I'm putting eco-bond in the junctions.  Then I'll paint it so it isn't noticeable.  Got the starboard side ready to paint, the port side needs one more round of eco-bond.  And then the rain started, so that isn't crossed off the list quite yet, but at least no moisture will get into the walls. (no pics just yet due to rain)

And last but not least the down-sizing has begun, or is continuing... I've actually been downsizing for about six years.  I down-sized my own stuff when I moved to Utah to care for my mom six years ago.  If it didn't fit in my Jeep, I didn't bring it, knowing Mom had two (or more) of everything a body could ever need.  I think it is actually more difficult to down-size my mom's stuff.  And she doesn't only have her stuff, but my grandparents' stuff too.  SO down-sizing three generations of!  That is all I have to say on that topic for now.

But look!! Three empty totes! (Not to mention the 5 boxes that went to charity and the two times I emptied the recycle into the outside bin.)

If any of you are beginning the down-sizing process or have even thought about it, don't be afraid!  Remember, the easiest way to finish something is to begin.

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