Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another First

Thursday... Today I decided to take my to-do list seriously, start at the top, and make my way toward the bottom.  The thing that has been on my list since I got home from San Diego was to empty my toity into the larger compost pile.  As you can imagine, if you have never done this before like me, I was a little skeptical and just a bit fearful that my bucket would overwhelm me with putrid smells and plain grossness.  Not sure why I was so worried as the bucket was NOT creating any odors AT ALL in the house.  But I thought maybe that layer of sawdust on the top was somehow magically protecting my nose.  Steeling myself for the task, I took the toity bucket out of the cabinet and headed toward the big compost bucket.  Almost holding my breath I took the lid off the big bucket, grabbed the toity bucket by the handle and started dumping the contents.  To my surprise, the smell was no worse than the cleanest pit toilet (I've been in some that didn't smell much at all), and the expected grossness was non-existant.  The composting process was very much working, and frankly I felt like I was dumping a bucket of dirt into my big compost bucket.  So all that foreboding for nothing!  I sprayed out the bucket with the hose and then sprayed the bucket down with a vinegar/castille soap solution and let it sit for a bit and sprayed it out again.  Ready for another round!  

One lesson learned, the best way to finish something is to simply begin...oh wait...I've said that before!  So a different lesson learned...I used a stick from the yard to get the last bits out of the bucket this time.  Think I'll dedicate a rubber spatula, which I can store in the toity cabinet, for future use.  I'll probably use some rubber gloves too...just because.

Shoes...I'm not a collector of shoes, but I do have a few pairs of them.  Here's a fun way to make a little more floor space by getting the shoes off the floor.

Just a few cheap hooks from the dollar store.

Got a couple of other small things started, and another big project, but more on that later...

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  1. Glad the toilet is working so well. Good idea with the shoes. I might copy that.