Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here we go...again!

The trailer pulled like a champ.  Couldn't even tell there was anything behind the Jeep, except for the rattling fenders...those will definitely be getting a makeover.  Got the supplies I need to get started, and even backed into the driveway (that was easy), then came in the house to work for a few hours.  The sky was starting to cloud up a bit, but I didn't think much of it until the thunder and lightning began.  I had just started to unload the trailer and figured I'd better get a move on.  I got everything off the trailer and put in good spots for storing for a few days, got the tarps on and whooosh! Big, fat rain! My favorite!  I got everything covered just in time.

Starting with the foundation...

Covered the 3/4" plywood with a vapor barrier and then a layer of aluminum flashing to keep it dry and bugs etc out. Bolted it to the trailer in 5 places.

In order to save some time and headache I cut the port and starboard sides  at the same time.  I sandwiched the inside wall covering with the smartside I'm using for the outside and clamped it all together.  Only have to cut it once!

I checked and re-checked and re-checked because I was a little nervous about cutting it wrong and having to start over.  First cut!

And round out the back...

Round out the front


Big pieces with the doors out.  I'm putting a door on either side for airflow, as each door will have a window, and for easier access.  I got door handles that are keyed the same...nice.  

The windows that will go in the doors will be here on Friday.  Next steps are paint and lay out the framing.  WAAHOOOO!

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