Sunday, June 14, 2015

Big project as previously mentioned...

In my last post I mentioned a new big project.  

Hint #1

Hint #2

Hint #3

Hint #4

Any guesses?
So here's the story, purchased the trailer rated at 1700lbs. It came in a box and required assembly (obviously).  I figured I'd put it together in two short days of work and be ready to get the rest of what I need to finish the project.  Set out all my parts, everything was there.  Realized that I would need some new sockets for the nuts and bolts as I didn't have sizes to fit.  Standing in front of the display at the hardware store I realized the sockets I needed didn't come in the sizes of wrenches I already had...decided to buy an adapter instead of a new handle.  Got home and realized that with the adapter  the socket was now too long for it to fit where I needed it to fit, so back to the store to buy a new wrench handle so it would fit.  Lost one day, because by the time that was all done it had started to rain...done for that day.  
Next day, put the frame together with a little finagling. Started to rain again so done for that day. 
Next day was reading the instructions which say to repack the bearings...never done that before so did a little research...I can do that.  Back to the store to buy some grease and de-greaser.  And I have discovered that I really like the smell of bearing grease, and don't even mind getting it all over my hands (see hint #1).  Hubs all back together and ready to put on the axles.  Put one side on...half-way there...put the other side....but no, the hub wouldn't go on.  Took the bearings out of the hub, bearings didn't fit on the axle.  Took the first side off and tried it on the second side...didn't fit.  Tried all the bearings...none fit.  Called the company...took the axle back to the store and exchanged it for a new one.  The store manager also tried the two bearings I took with me and he had never seen that before. The axle had obviously been tooled incorrectly.  Back home, but done for the day. 
Next day the new axle got put on, the hubs put back together and put on the axle.  Took the tires to the gas station to be filled to the proper pressure.  Put the tires on.  Borrowed a torque wrench from my neighbor...lug nuts properly torqued.  Wahooo!  Getting closer, but the trailer was upside down and 260 lbs...thought maybe I could turn it over, but no dice.  Had to do a little recruiting with these two lovelies.  Notice that their workout includes lifting very heavy stones at the lake, so they were perfect for the job of helping me!  The promise of breakfast at Chick-fil-a didn't hurt my case either.

So, got the trailer turned right side up, ate grilled nuggets for breakfast, spent some time with these nieces who helped me take the top of the Jeep and carry some other heavy stuff.  THANK YOU GIRLS!!
On with the project...almost finished! Last, but not least, we needed wiring for the lights.  Never done that before either, so read the instructions, watched a couple of youtube videos and away I went!  Lights all done and now for the test.  Dragged the trailer to the driveway close enough to the Jeep to plug in the lights.  Pulled out the lighting harness and yes, the connection plug was the wrong shape!  I  couldn't believe it!  I was SO close to being finished, how could this be?  What was I going to do?  Aha moment!  When I brought home the tiny house trailer (empty) I towed it with the Jeep.  They had to jerry-rig the lighting connection adding a connector that fit the Jeep, in addition to the one I currently use with the loaded trailer.  So, un-jerry-rigged that connector, did a little splicing and taping and voila! trailer lights with a connection that fit the Jeep!  Yay!  Now to check the lights.  Hazzard lights...nothing,  left blinker, nothing...WHAT!?  How could this be?  Re-checked the instructions, the connections...all looked good.  Tried again, right blinker...blinking on the left, left blinker...blinking on the right!  WHAT!? This is a color by number game and all my colors matched up!  I was so confused!  What now?  Decided to just switch the yellow and green connections and guess what!?  right blinker...blinking on the right, left blinker...blinking on the left.  Still confused but it was working, so I didn't ask any more questions.

With the trailer completed, I was ready for the next step...building materials...for what you ask?Aaaaaaaand it will be a teardrop trailer!  I picked up the roofing material Saturday, and will pick up the rest of the building materials Monday morning.  The vent and windows will be here this week.  Also, I've decided to keep the same color scheme as Ticklebelly Bungalow.  I can't wait to take a pic with the teardrop and the Bungalow together!  It will be SO cute! Here is the general shape it will be.

There you have it folks, the next big...or medium...or tiny project.  I'm hoping to get it finished fairly quickly, so I can go on my long-awaited road trip down the west coast of the US.  Stay tuned!

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