Saturday, June 20, 2015

Side walls almost there!

With everything cut out, I put on the first coat of paint.

All painted so the framing was next...more cutting... I glued the main pieces in place on both sides and then I was getting hot and tired, so I came in the house for a few hours. 

This side just needs one more piece.  And the other side needs 4 more small pieces and then I can start the insulation!  

Getting going on the insulation...

Both sides finished

The windows arrived also, so that is now on the list too.  Double WAHOOOO!!

My friend Cori stopped by tonight...thanks for the visit, Cori!  She helped me decide on a name for my little teardrop...drumroll please...I dub thee, "Little Chicken"!

Walls go up tomorrow!  Triple WAHOOOOO!

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